What do today's women want? It's all about equilibrium: finding the right balance that makes you feel good. Women are looking for balance both within themselves and in the world around them. They care about personal responsibility and choosing products that mean something and represent their values. They make smart decisions not only for their skin, but for the environment.

What if all three generations of women could now share the same beauty secret at the same time? What if mothers, daughters and grand-daughters could keep a young-looking face over a longer period of time, using the same line of skin care treatment? What if they shared absolutely everything, even their beauty products? With the help of a range of skin care products that perfectly meet the requirements of three women with different ages, lifestyles and expectations. The amazing thought of belonging to the same tribe, combined with the magical sensation of imitating one another, and the possibility of still feeling unique. And what if all these skin care products were an invitation to visit nature's unspoilt beauties, without leaving the bathroom... just as in a dream...

Now the dream has come true!

A true reality by the name of Alpure, with an unprecedented concept: the Bio-Alpine. A unique way of traveling to the heart of the Swiss Alps, on a discovery tour of all the unsuspected mysteries and secrets that lie within their grassy hills, their snowy mountaintops and ancient glaciers. This is Nature's plentiful gift of botanical extracts with utmost purity, offering newly discovered cosmetic virtues which have been developed in full compliance with the strictest Swiss biological standards.
Last but not least, this is the solution designed for each woman, tightly fitting all her skincare needs at every major stage in her life, for the everlasting sake of her beauty.

An anti-ageing product for each woman.

Whether a business woman or a housewife, whatever her occupation, lifestyle or place of living, one thing is sure: not two women are equal in the fact of time. A girl's skin might just as well look less youthful than her mother's. There is no accounting for nature's rules. Therefore, a woman's skin needs to be offered the most exactly fitting treatment that is the right care at the right time...

Bio-Alpine's challenge: satisfy the skin requirements of all three generations of women. A concise line, with just 11 products for 3 different types of women: the 25-, 35-, and 50-year olds. In other words, a line of anti-aging skincare products fitted to the 3 key stages of a woman's life.

The secret behind Alpure

Each skincare product contains groundbreaking technology called Bio-Alpine. Bio-Alpine is an amazing cocktail of noble, precious and rare plants, which have been selected on the basis of their exclusive cosmetic qualities and anti-aging power. Above all, Bio-Alpine is a pure blend of natural active ingredients, extracted from the green hills and unspoilt mountains of Switzerland.

Alpure's extra touch

There can be no life without water. Water is not only necessary for our survival, but it is also indispensable for healthy skin cells. This is why Alpure has selected a very special water from the Dar Glacier in Switzerland.

The Edelweiss - with it's little white blossoms, this lovely plant grows in the the highest altitudes of the Swiss Alps, especially in those wild regions which are often out of reach. In order to survive to the wide temperature fluctuations of its natural habitat, the Edelweiss has developed a very sophisticated natural process that protects is against all types of climate conditions. Hence the unique anti-oxidant and moisturising qualities of the Edelweiss, which make it an integral part of Alpure's anti-aging formulas.

Nectapure - This skincare complex is an astonishing blend of 2 plants which are capable of fighting against pollution and premature skin aging: the butterfly tree and thyme. The Butterfly tree is a shrub that grows on all types of soil, even the most chalky ones. It can therefore survive long lasting droughts. Its highly fragrant blossoms are a blissful treat for bees and various butterfly species, hence it's name. That is why Alpure has included the butterfly tree in its formulas for its moisturising, replenishing and protective properties.  Used by the Ancient Greeks for its healing virtues, thyme (thymus vulgaris) likes dry soils. Due to the harsh conditions of its habitat, thyme boasts an amazing number of properties: it stimulates the blood circulation, so that the complexion recovers its clarity and radiance. Highly resistant and protective, it has outstanding hydrating and anti-oxidant powers.

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