Laidbare and Laidback

Laidbare and Laidback are a collection of pure, natural and beneficial skin, body and lifestyle products blended from the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients. Sourced from fresh living plants, the superior essential oils and natural extracts are expertly and deliciously blended with vitamins into a luxurious skin food that promises to be always beneficial, never artificial even the preservatives. Laidbare sources from only ethical, traceable and passionate producers.

Usually we pay more attention to our faces, and take little notice of the skin all over our bodies. Laidbare and Laidback have been developed with that in mind, leaving out all the unnecessary chemicals and synthetics that can cause damage to our skin and long term health giving you a contemporary, sensual and luxurious range of beauty and grooming products to feed, nourish and strengthen the skin from top to toe. Indulge your body and senses, for clear skin and a clear conscience.

Each Laidbare product comes with its own inspiring mantra to remind us that beauty is more than skin deep and to remind us all to kickback, relax and enjoy life.

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