What is life if not the result of a choice?

The choice of not making do and of always looking beyond things. The choice of counting on one's talent and courage to always present something new that others still do not see. The choice to place one's sensitivity at the service of beauty. These were the choices of makeup artist Rosy Armanini that led to the creation of NOUBA by Matisse, the fabulous make-up line that has been setting trends and fascinating the market since 1982.

NOUBA is an intriguing name chosen in honour of the NUBA, an ancient population of central Africa that paints their faces and bodies with extraordinary colours and designs to celebrate and experience rituals and daily events.

NOUBA is the choice, better yet, it is the determination to always seek new visions and expressions of beauty, developing unexpectedly bold colours, exclusive products, and innovative solutions able to make an impact on the market such as the Bronzing Powder, defined by professional beauty magazines and the market as the most innovative and revolutionary product in recent decades.

It is the certainty of being able to offer outstanding products that reflect quality in every aspect - from design to the choice of ingredients and production methods - and ensure flawless performance. It is the desire to always make each product a protagonist, also through extremely simple, minimalist packaging with understated elegance.

NOUBA Professional Cosmetics
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