Recipe for Men

Jean D'AvezeScandinavian city life can be harder on your skin than anything else, especially during the long winters when the air is cold and extremely dry. Add to this a good portion of urban air pollution trapped on street level by the temperature inversion – and there's your perfect recipe for skin disaster.

In other words Scandinavia is the ideal arena for testing skin care products. That's why we're so proud of our legacy. The Recipe for men skin care line was tested and developed in Sweden under the hardest conditions possible. The result is a groundbreaking new skin care line with exceptional moisturizing and protection properties.

Recipe for men is pure hydration and energy for your skin. The formulations are based on the best quality ingredients available in the world and the actives are carefully selected to fit men's needs. Oil-free textures guarantee quick absorption and minimize shine.

Conceptually Recipe for men stands for logical skin care and no fuss. Innovative, functional packaging and highly descriptive names make the products easy to understand and use. We won't tell you they will “reduce wrinkles by 70 percent or give your career a giant boost. We will tell you, however, that Recipe for men will make your skin look and feel much fresher and smoother, no matter how tough a life you live. And that's what great skin care products are supposed to do.

Today most skin care products for men are very similar to those for women. This is natural since many of the brands on the men's market have a long history of making women's products. However, there are important differences between men's and women's skin.

Men's skin:

When the Recipe for men skin care line was developed these differences were taken into account, making it not just a great skin care line, but a great skin care line for men.

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