Smashbox Cosmetics

Long before smashbox cosmetics was created, its founders, Dean and Davis Factor, were becoming legends as the ambassadors of style in Los Angeles. It began when these brothers—two very unique entrepreneurs and the great-grandsons of makeup legend Max Factor—combined their talent and heritage to create SmashBox Photo Studios Los Angeles.

Today, smashbox is a virtual compound of cool on any given day our state-of-the-art facility is inundated with the most sought after celebrities, models, photographers and musicians. From Drew to Charlize, Giselle, Madonna and more, we';ve seen them all, and more importantly, swapped beauty secrets with their makeup artists.

Smashbox is also home to a model agency, production company, clothing line and mercedez-benz fashion week at SmashBox Studios, our annual, celeb-studded fashion event which draws the world's top fashionistas, like Vogue's Editor-in-Chief, Anna Wintour and supermodel Carolyn
Murphy. Having all this right on our doorstep means we're privy to the inside beauty tips and trends straight from the experts, and being the smart cats that we are, we cull the best ideas to create our cutting edge cosmetics line. Best of all? We share! At smashbox, we believe that knowledge truly is a beautiful thing, and ours is just too darn good to keep to ourselves. When you purchase our products you can be sure they are the result of more than a decade of expert research combined with the in-the-know professionalism smashbox is famous for. Whether you're stepping out to a fab soiree or jetting off to the supermarket, it is our hope for you to tap into the heart and soul of true Hollywood glamour and begin living it as we do here. Welcome to smashbox cosmetics, all you will ever need to be ready for your close up.
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